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Molecular modelling, molecular dynamics simulations and in vitro evaluation of Berberine as an inhibitor of MAP kinase and PI3K pathway. (2017: Accepted as Poster presentation; Role: presenter; Poster Session Title: Experimental/Molecular Therapeutics, Pharmacogenesis I), In: "EACR-AACR-SIC Special Conference 2017: The Challenges of Optimising Immuno and Targeted Therapies: From Cancer Biology to the Clinic", 25th June, Florence, Italy.

Molecular modelling of berberine derivatives as inhibitors of smoothened receptor using a new drug discovery script for a large numbers of compounds. (2017: Poster presentation; Role: presenter; Poster Session Title: Experimental/Molecular Therapeutics, Pharmacogenesis I), In: "EACR-AACR-SIC Special Conference 2017: The Challenges of Optimising Immuno and Targeted Therapies: From Cancer Biology to the Clinic", 25th June, Florence, Italy.

Is it the right way to use intercalating agents as inhibitors of MAP kinase pathway? A challenging issue using berberine with dual cellular functionality applied in breast cancer cell models. (2017: Poster presentation; Role: presenter), In: "Tumour Microenvironment – Basic Science to Novel Therapies", 15th June 2017, Nottingham, UK.

Molecular modelling and molecular dynamics simulations of a new berberine derivative as a dual RAF inhibitor for treatment of drug resistance acquired in melanoma. (2016: Oral presentation; Role: Presenter), In: "Pharmacology", British Pharmacological Society, 13th December, London, UK. (Abstract)

Tissue regeneration in mammals: Role of Oct4 gene expression in treatment of infectious diseases. (2010: Poster presentation; Role: Presenter) "10th International MEEGID Conference (Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases)", Nov. 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Elsevier).

A new cell line detected in mouse: A novel theory of stem cell applications in tissue regeneration. (2010: Oral presentation; Role: Presenter) "11th Iranian Genetics Congress", Shahid Beheshti University, May. 2010, Tehran.
ASPET annual meeting

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Our article: Therapeutic miRNAs

 Pharmacological Research


Date published: not known

»Megafaunal loss
»A strongly oxidizing Paleoproterozoic era
»Transient instruction changes migration
»Inherited variation contributes to autism
»An innovative approach for a rare disease
»Taking an active interest in HIV latency
»Reserving the right to stretch
»Earlier detection of ovarian cancer
»Recurring coherence
»Trigenic interactions in yeast link bioprocesses

Date published: not known

»Correction to "Investigation into the Mechanism of Homo- and Heterodimerization of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme" [ERRATUM]
»Ethanol Reversal of Oxycodone Tolerance in Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons [Articles]
Oxycodone is a semisynthetic opioid compound that is widely prescribed, used, and abused today, and ...
»Hemodynamic Effects of Glutathione-Liganded Binuclear Dinitrosyl Iron Complex: Evidence for Nitroxyl Generation and Modulation by Plasma Albumin [Articles]
Glutathione-liganded binuclear dinitrosyl iron complex (glut-BDNIC) has been proposed to be a donor ...
»Retinal-chitosan Conjugates Effectively Deliver Active Chromophores to Retinal Photoreceptor Cells in Blind Mice and Dogs [Articles]
The retinoid (visual) cycle consists of a series of biochemical reactions needed to regenerate the ...
»Properties of Triheteromeric N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors Containing Two Distinct GluN1 Isoforms [Articles]
N-Methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA)–type glutamate receptors mediate excitatory synaptic transmission ...
»High Constitutive Activity Accounts for the Combination of Enhanced Direct Activation and Reduced Potentiation in Mutated GABAA Receptors [Accelerated Communication]
GABAA receptors activated by the transmitter GABA are potentiated by several allosterically acting ...
»Gedunin- and Khivorin-Derivatives Are Small-Molecule Partial Agonists for Adhesion G Protein-Coupled Receptors GPR56/ADGRG1 and GPR114/ADGRG5 [Articles]
Adhesion G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs) have emerged as potential therapeutic targets in mult ...
»CYP26C1 Is a Hydroxylase of Multiple Active Retinoids and Interacts with Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Proteins [Articles]
The clearance of retinoic acid (RA) and its metabolites is believed to be regulated by the CYP26 en ...
»"Selective" Class C G Protein-Coupled Receptor Modulators Are Neutral or Biased mGlu5 Allosteric Ligands [Articles]
Numerous positive and negative allosteric modulators (PAMs and NAMs) of class C G protein-coupled r ...
»The Novel C-terminal Truncated 90-kDa Isoform of Topoisomerase II{alpha} (TOP2{alpha}/90) Is a Determinant of Etoposide Resistance in K562 Leukemia Cells via Heterodimerization with the TOP2{alpha}/170 Isoform [Articles]
DNA topoisomerase IIα (170 kDa, TOP2α/170) is essential in proliferating cells by resol ...

Date published: not known

»Exploiting glycan topography for computational design of Env glycoprotein antigenicity
»Divergent genome evolution caused by regional variation in DNA gain and loss between human and mouse
»EmbryoMiner: A new framework for interactive knowledge discovery in large-scale cell tracking data of developing embryos
»Compositional clustering in task structure learning
»Decision making improves sperm chemotaxis in the presence of noise
»Optimal dynamic control approach in a multi-objective therapeutic scenario: Application to drug delivery in the treatment of prostate cancer
»Bayesian reconstruction of transmission within outbreaks using genomic variants
»Biogeography and environmental conditions shape bacteriophage-bacteria networks across the human microbiome
»Propagating annotations of molecular networks using in silico fragmentation
»A computational model of shared fine-scale structure in the human connectome
»On the role of extrinsic noise in microRNA-mediated bimodal gene expression
»A modelling approach for exploring muscle dynamics during cyclic contractions

Date published: not known


Parham Jabbarzadeh Kaboli, PhD

Research scientist
in molecular medicine

Expert in:

Cell and molecular Biology
Modelling and drug discovery
Cancer signaling pathways

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i10-index= 3
Overall ISI impact factor= 18.15
Overall citation= 110 (Google Scholar)


The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)

American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS)


Department of Biomedical Science,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Universiti Putra Malaysia,
UPM Serdang 43400,
Selangor, Malaysia

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